Meet the Tribe: Raymond Becerra

Posted: May 2, 2017, 11:03AM

Raymond Becerra described what he felt when he first started working at the Ziegenfelder Company’s plant in Chino 5 years ago. “It was a different type of work I was not used to,” said Raymond who is now a team leader.

Vice President of Ziegenfelder, Barry Allen took notice of Raymond and nominated him for Meet the Tribe. Barry explained, “(It’s) his commitment to growth in leadership, the way his team follows him and respects him, and the passion in his eye.”

“To see our product in stores labeled with the date code of the team I work on touches my heart,” said Raymond. He hopes that someday the operation in Chino can be expanded to include more production lines creating great products that put smiles on more faces.

“The best part of working with this company would be the team work and environment. It really feels like home away from home,” said Raymond.  

Away from work, Raymond enjoys spending time with his wife and three children pictured here. “They say, ‘When Daddy’s days off come, we’re going to do something fun,’ and that makes all the long hours worth it!” said Raymond. He has two daughters ages 4 and 5 and a baby boy who is now 3-months old.

“The hardest part about my job is definitely letting any of my teammates down in any way. I try and make work as easy as possible for any of my co-workers,” said Raymond. “I want to thank anyone in the Zieggy Tribe who took a chance on me or believed in me or even trusted me to put out our finished product.”


Holly May 2, 2017, 5:15PM

Tonya, in shipping and receiving at the Chino plant said, "I love Reymond!" She continued with that she loves that he strives to show the same level of respect to all employees. And Richard, in maintenance at the Chino plant said "Reymond is reliable and outspoken with his ideas." Richard seconded Tonya's comment in that he shows same level of respect to his team members as he does his managers!   Reply

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