Denver Tribe Hosts Tour for Kids

Last month, Zieggy Tribe members from Denver took part in a wonderful opportunity to give a tour of the plant to a group of children. The tour took place on July 16, and the kids, donning orange hairnets and protective shoe covers, were able to go behind the scenes and see ...more

Wheeling's POP Stars!--May 2019

Chet Crooks, Logistics Chet is an amazing asset to the Logistics department! His supervisor said he can count on him at all times to do any extra task to help out, even when he is not asked to do so.                                 Rob Clemmons, Afternoon Shift Rob is recognized for being a popstar in ...more

Ziegenfelder To Host Community Appreciation Event

WHEELING, W.Va – The Ziegenfelder Company will hold a Community Thank You event on Wednesday, July 10, 2019. The event will take place at Wheeling Heritage Port from 4 PM until 9 PM. This is a free event to the public. The band Airborne will perform at 4 p.m. followed by ...more

Zieggy Tribe Career Opportunities Now On Purse Power

The Ziegenfelder Company is partnering with Purse Power to share details about employment opportunities within the Zieggy Tribe. Purse Power is a business directory that highlights women-led or women-owned companies. The directory helps consumers find and possibly buy from companies that fall within certain criteria. To qualify, companies must be ...more

Walmart Adds Budget Saver Pops to Pickup Service

Making people smile with our really cool treats just got a whole lot easier! Walmart is offering our Budget Saver pops in their Grocery Pickup service. That means you can stock up on all of your favorite flavors without leaving your car! Walmart’s Grocery Pickup service consists of online shopping and store ...more

Hiring Event with Zieggy Tribe in Wheeling

The Ziegenfelder Company is meeting with people in the Wheeling area who are interested in joining the Zieggy Tribe. Open interviews will be held at the company’s main offices at 56 19th Street in Wheeling, WV on Thursday, May 16. Anyone interested in joining the Zieggy Tribe should plan to ...more

Join Our Zieggy Tribe

The Ziegenfelder Company kicked off the month of May by participating in the Ohio Valley Job Fair at Ohio Valley mall in St. Clairsville, Ohio. Jessa Stobbs from the People and Culture team’s recruiting department attended on behalf of The Ziegenfelder Company to encourage others to join the Zieggy Tribe. ...more

Community Partnership Supports Members of Zieggy Tribe

April 12, 2019 An amazing community partnership formed in Wheeling after the fire at The Ziegenfelder Company to help members of our Zieggy Tribe. Those responsible for forming this program gathered at Catholic Charities West Virginia Neighborhood Center on 18th Street in Wheeling to release the details. More than a half-dozen ...more

Tribe Strength Soars in Aftermath of Wheeling Fire

Just over four weeks ago, members of the Zieggy Tribe evacuated The Ziegenfelder Company production facility in Wheeling. They watched flames engulf a part of the building housing Room 1, the first production room of The Ziegenfelder Company. With fire destroying two production lines, the company’s main office and several ...more

"We are rising up..."

One week after the Zieggy Tribe experienced a major tragedy at the facility in Wheeling, Chief Customer Officer Barry Allen addressed Tribe members and the community during a Facebook Live. “Seven days ago or 168 hours ago, this happened, a major fire here at 87 18th Street,” said Barry. “The ...more

Partnership with WV Roughriders

It's official! The West Virginia Roughriders will partner with The Ziegenfelder Company for the 2019 season. This will allow the makers of Budget Saver Twin Pops to find more people who can help create the frozen treats that make people smile. The WV Roughriders are a professional indoor football team based ...more

Newly Created Position Focuses on People

The Ziegenfelder Company begins 2019 with a renewed focus on its employees who make up the Zieggy Tribe. There’s evidence of that with the hunt for a Director of People and Culture. The Director of People and Culture is a newly created position within the Wheeling-based company. Talent Acquisition Manager ...more

Cherry Larry Gives Back in 2019

In 2019, Cherry Larry is once again committing himself to live the values of The Ziegenfelder Company as outlined in the Zieggy Essentials. He’s designing a give back program that will encourage others to pay it forward. Although details are still being finalized, expect Cherry Larry to pop up in ...more

Year End Meetings Recap

The Ziegenfelder Company wrapped up year end meetings at each of its three plants this week. Here's a look back at all the fun! The Wheeling Tribe celebrated with a gathering on Friday, December 7 at the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack conference rooms. They participated in team building activities and a giveback ...more

Zieggy Service in 2018

The Zieggy Impact Group went above and beyond in 2018 to live up to their mission of being a catalyst for positive change through volunteerism. Here’s a recap of the projects completed by the Tribe to make a difference in the community.     Easter Seals Telethon King’s Daughters Dragon Boat Race YWCA Over ...more

The Ziegenfelder Company Receives Leadership Award

The Ziegenfelder Company celebrated a major recognition this week at the QCS Purchasing Leadership Conference in Austin, Texas. The company received the QCS Member Leadership Award. The recognition was based on the Zieggy Tribe’s overall sales growth, increased participation and increased engagement. Purchasing and Cost Analyst Greg Mertes attended the ...more

Zieggy Tribe Partners With Denver Rescue Mission

Through the month of November, the Zieggy Tribe is partnering with the Denver Rescue Mission to collect canned goods and dry goods for the nonprofit’s ‘Do All You Can’ event. This service project will wrap up on November 27 when the Tribe takes all the items to the Denver Rescue ...more

Zieggy Tribe Hosts Supplier Summit

Our Zieggy Tribe hosted The Ziegenfelder Company Supplier Summit this week at the Wheeling headquarters. Companies that supply raw materials used to create Budget Saver products were invited to attend. “In order to successfully service our customers coast to coast, we need to ensure our operational excellence is built upon ...more

This Tribe is CPR-AED-First Aid Certified!

As of this month, more than 40 people across our The Ziegenfelder Company’s three plants were CPR-AED-First Aid certified. Jalena Marshall, who works primarily at the Wheeling headquarters, organized the trainings that started in February of this year. “We make people smile with our really cool treats and now we’re saving ...more

Soup and Salad for a Good Cause

Soup and Salad is a great lunch combo. It gets even better when you’re enjoying those items for a good cause. Several members of our Zieggy Tribe attended the Crittenton Services’ Annual Soup and Salad Luncheon today at the McLure Hotel in Wheeling. The buffet featured dozens of gourmet soups, ...more

Sugar Free Pops Are BACK!

Great news is here for our fans of Budget Saver Sugar Free Twin Pops! These treats are in production and rolling off our lines. Expect to see them on a store shelf near you around Mid October. That definitley feels like a long time to wait to enjoy a sugar ...more

Recovery Coaches In Our Zieggy Tribe

Two members of our Zieggy Tribe successfully completed the West Virginia Recovery Coach Academy. Sarah Moore and Matt Porter became certified West Virginia Recovery Coaches this month after a week-long intensive training program. The pair joined a class of over a dozen people who studied instructional materials developed by Connecticut Community ...more

CEO Lisa Allen Testified for Congressional Committee on Opioid Crisis

Policy makers once again turned to The Ziegenfelder Company to find out more about how our Zieggy Tribe is impacting the lives of those trying to overcome past issues with addiction. CEO Lisa Allen testified for a hearing in front of the U.S. House Committee on Small Business on Thursday, ...more

Which Twin Pop Flavor Matches Your Style?

You might have a favorite Budget Saver Twin Pop flavor. Now, you can find out if that favorite taste matches your style that's to the first Budget Saver Twin Pop quiz released by The Ziegenfelder Company. Quiz-takers can find out which pop flavor aligns with their personality. The results could ...more

Tribal Rituals

Every tribe commits to certain rituals. That’s definitely the case with our Zieggy Tribe. We want to introduce you to one of the activities we do within our Zieggy Tribe that has developed into a ritual. Every Wednesday, the leadership team comes together to discuss key performance indicators, or KPI's, ...more

Zieggy Tribe To The Rescue!

The Zieggy Tribe came to the rescue in Wheeling, WV when a tractor trailer hauling bananas crashed on Interest 70 Westbound near The Highlands on Friday. The clean-up crew transferred the bananas to a Budget Saver refrigerated truck, pulled the damaged truck onto its wheels, and towed it to Middle ...more

CEO Lisa Allen chosen as ATHENA Awards Finalist

The Ziegenfelder Company’s CEO Lisa has been chosen as a finalist for the Greater Pittsburgh ATHENA Awards. She is one of five leaders within the Pittsburgh region to be picked for this honor recognizing leaders in financial and business services, human resources and the non-profit community. Finalists for the ATHENA ...more

Budget Saver Fans Support The Zieggy Tribe

In the wake of The Ziegenfelder Company’s release of CEO Lisa Allen’s video message to consumers, Budget Saver Fans are voicing their support of the Zieggy Tribe! On the company’s Budget Saver Pops Facebook page, Sarah Okroi posts, “Keep up the hard work!” In the video, Allen explains why consumers ...more

Zieggy Tribe Shares Smiles at Youth Basketball Camp

Members of the Zieggy Tribe stopped by the North Wheeling Youth Basketball Camp to share smiles. After enjoying some Budget Saver Twin Pops and Monster Pops, camp participants challenged our Zieggy Tribe to a game of hoops.  Thank you to the organizers for inviting our Zieggy Tribe to this event. 

Meet the Tribe: Charles Hall

Charles “Chuck” Hall picks up the phone to complete his Meet the Tribe interview and tells the marketing team this call interrupts his favorite hobby. “Working on a car,” says Chuck. “It’s all I do in my spare time. I spend time with my kids and work on my car. ...more

Meet the Tribe: Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson speaks today with a year and a half of experience as a Zieggy Tribe member. Already he holds the title of team lead on the night shift at The Ziegenfelder Company’s plant in Denver. “I started off packing and I didn’t enjoy that too much,” says Michael. “So ...more

Join Our Zieggy Tribe!

This week marked the start of a recruitment campaign to find and hire the right people to join our Zieggy Tribe. The efforts include the release of six employee testimonial videos that show the passion they feel while advancing their careers with The Ziegenfelder Company. The first video features Curtis Kinsey, ...more

Meet the Tribe: Dale Drake

The odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime is estimated by National Geographic News to be one in 3,000! Zieggy Tribe member Dale Drake is that one person in 3,000! “I was in eighth grade and I took a shot of lightning into the phone that I was talking ...more

Small Efforts Make Huge Impact

The Zieggy Tribe is preparing for an event that will allow employees to give back in June. In Wheeling, Ziegenfelder employees will be able to participate in a trash collection day organized by the Zieggy Impact Group, or ZIGS. Breanna Humphries and Jalena Marshall are members of the ZIGs. They ...more

Our Zieggy Tribe Gives Back

Our Zieggy Tribe values giving back to the communities served by The Ziegenfelder Company. The topic is even listed in our Zieggy Essentials under the “S” in T.W.I.N.S. and promotes serving others. As a way to provide more opportunities for the members of the Zieggy Tribe to give back, The Ziegenfelder ...more

Throwback Thursday: Budget Saver Red, White and Blueberry Pops for Memorial Day

Jasmin Fine created this Memorial Day themed recipe last year for the holiday. It’s so good we had to bring it back! Budget Saver Red White & Berry Blast Pops are the perfect addition to your holiday party. Check out more of Jasmin's awesome recipes at! Ingredients: Red White & Berry Blast ...more

Meet the Tribe: Allison Lichwa

Over three years, the Zieggy Tribe’s graphic designer Allison Lichwa has become an integral part of the process to get boxes and bags of ice pops in homes all over America. “I enjoy doing all types of graphic design,” said Allison, “Especially the packaging. My favorite package designs are the Monster ...more

Creating Smiles All Year

Production lines at The Ziegenfelder Company plants in West Virginia, Colorado, and California pump out Budget Saver Ice Pops all year. The pace rarely slows down because the demand is so high. The company must build up a supply during the winter in order to be ready for the summer ...more

Meet the Tribe: Todd Dawson

Senior Freezer Technician Todd Dawson continually puts his Zieggy Tribe first, but some fellow Zieggy Tribe members might not realize he’s doing it. “Todd joined the Zieggy Impact Group right when it started,” said Breanna Humphries, who also serves as a member on the ZIGs. “He’s been suggesting all kinds of ...more

Thank You to the Admins

There is a whole bunch of people who help keep our Zieggy Tribe operating efficiently. They allow all of us to continue achieving our goals of making people smile with our really cool treats! In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, our Zieggy Tribe wants to focus on the people who ...more

Zieggy Essentials Always On Our Minds

Many members of our Zieggy Tribe can rattle off the components of the Zieggy Essentials message when asked. The T.W.I.N.S. mantra is close to our hearts. T - Think Tribe First W - Win By Always Doing the Right Thing I - Inspire Each Other N - Nurture Our Zieggy Economy S - Serve Others ...more

Meet the Tribe: Tanner Defibaugh

Roughly nine years ago, Tanner Defibaugh jump started his battle against addiction when he found quality employment with The Ziegenfelder Company. “It’s not easy for someone with my past to get a good high-paying job,” said Tanner. “The Ziegenfelder Company gave me a chance to prove myself and I did that. ...more

Pops with a Patriotic Purpose

Each year, a portion of Budget Saver Red, White and Berry Blast Pops sold across the country are donated to Operation Homefront. The Ziegenfelder Company is making that same promise this year and hopes you’ll support this cause each time you reach for a bag of our frozen treats. In 2017, ...more

Meet the Tribe: Stephanie Schuetz Haught

At The Ziegenfelder Company, Stephanie Schuetz Haught is pushed into a position of being a master negotiator as a logistics coordinator. “In July, I will be with the company for 3 years,” said Stephanie. “I was hired into the logistics department in Wheeling. Now, I manage the logistics for all three ...more

Throwback Thursday: Budget Saver Neon Sunshine Monster Pops

 With summer just around the corner, we’re bringing back a favorite Jasmin Fine recipe shared last April. These Budget Saver Neon Sunshine Monster Pops will brighten your day! Check out more of Jasmin's awesome recipes at!     Ingredients: Monster Pops by Budget Saver in Cherry Pineapple & Lemon Lime Firm mango Directions: Slice mango into slim ...more

New Products on the Swag Shop!

Go to The Ziegenfelder Company’s online store and you’ll find some new goodies! Our design team just added new apparel and items this month. This is the next step in spreading the love of Budget Saver Ice Pops. On the site, you can choose from shirts, leggings, dresses, skirts, wall art, ...more

Meet the Tribe: Herman Hamilton

Ask Herman Hamilton about the jobs he’s worked before becoming a member of the Zieggy Tribe and he’ll rattle off a list of titles. “So many jobs,” said Herman. “In bars, in coal mines, silversmithing, flipping, garbage man! I’ve done it all!” In March 2011, that all changed when he was hired ...more

Meet the Tribe: Ernestina Ramos

Ernestina Ramos has worked in the plant at 400 Yuma Street in Denver, Colorado for the past 14 years, although she’s only been a member of the Zieggy Tribe for four of those years. “I was with Jackson Ice Cream Company for 10 years,” said Ernestina, who is talking about the ...more

New Products To Hit Store Shelves Soon!

Each year, the Zieggy Tribe seeks out new flavors and products that will excite our customers. You’ll see production of two new products in 2018. Initial images of the product boxes are pictured here. The Sonic products will include three flavors: Cherry Limeade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Ocean Water. The Ziegenfelder Company ...more

The Ziegenfelder Company Joins Purse Power

The Ziegenfelder Company is now on the list of women-owned and women-run companies outlined on Purse Power. Purse Power explains on their website that the organization supports the idea that “women can use their trillions of dollars of purchasing power to buy goods and services from women entrepreneurs and companies to ...more

Donation Request Form Now Available Online

Giving back to the communities served by The Ziegenfelder Company is very important to many members of our Zieggy Tribe. Community service aligns with our Zieggy Essentials shown here in this picture. The Ziegenfelder Company is asked to sponsor or donate to a large number of organizations every year. Once a ...more

Give Back Event Helps Children in Liberia

Nutritional meals packaged by our Zieggy Tribe in December finally arrived at their final destination in Liberia. Breanna Humphries, a member of the Zieggy Tribe and founder of weServeEats, organized the meal packing event for the Wheeling tribe. She visited the warehouse where many of the meals are stored in ...more

Meet the Tribe: Maria Ramirez

Although Maria Ramirez currently holds the title of bagger at The Ziegenfelder Company plant in Denver, she admits she wears a lot of hats every shift.  Her favorite part of the job allows her to work alongside her son, Aaron Ramirez. He is currently a maintenance tech at the Denver ...more

Celebrate the Tribe: Heading into 2018 with Momentum

Several achievements from 2017 are helping our Zieggy Tribe jump into this new year closer to reaching our goals for 2018. Some of those achievements are listed below with a brief explanation to put this progress into perspective. In 2017, employee retention numbers increased across all Ziegenfelder facilities. This allows The ...more

Meet the Tribe: Jalena Marshall

Wheeling native Jalena Marshall has found herself once again in her hometown. This time she came to the Friendly City to start achieving her career goals in safety management at The Ziegenfelder Company. “The safety manager at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown actually came into one of my classes while I ...more

Donation Committee Formed By Zieggy Tribe

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator As 2017 comes to a close for our Zieggy Tribe, a major component of our company’s Zieggy Essentials stands out. The “S” in TWINS stands for “Serve Others!” That’s exactly what our Zieggy Tribe did at the company meetings held earlier this month for each ...more

Meet the Tribe: Jeff Swecker

Jeff Swecker credited divine intervention for helping him make the final decision to join the Zieggy Tribe. Jeff joined The Ziegenfelder Company’s engineering department this month. “I wanted to come here because I felt like I was drawn here,” said Jeff. “I have a strong faith and I felt like God ...more

Snow Globe Ice Pop Bowls

Created by Jasmin Fine I have an obsession with snow globes. Why?? They’re filled with snow that never gets dirty. You can watch it in peace and quiet. It’s almost therapeutic to me. No matter what walk of life or what you celebrate, you can appreciate the serenity of a snow ...more

Winter Wonderland Decorated Ice Pops

Created by Jasmin Fine Create a stunning winter wonderland out of your pops for the holidays. This is a fun crafting project, as well as a unique and eye-catching dessert. The winter wonderland pops can be decorated in two ways. The first is to make a glittery mint swirl pattern. You can ...more

DIY Ice Pop Ornaments

Created by Jasmin Fine I love snacking on Budget Saver Ice Pops because they taste great and don't cost a lot. Plus, I can find them in almost any grocery store in my area. I have been saving the leftover sticks, hoping for a reason to use them eventually. With the holiday ...more

Meet the Tribe: Phat Pham

Tracy Vega, the Zieggy Tribe member featured last week in Meet the Tribe, nominated Phat Pham after seeing Phat’s strong work ethic. “When I was in Chino helping with a rebuild, I met and had a chance to talk with Phat,” said Tracy. “Phat explained some quality assurance principles he’d like ...more

Meet the Tribe: Tracy Vega

Tracy Vega just joined the maintenance crew at The Ziegenfelder Company’s Denver plant in September. She brought with her a long career in maintenance focused jobs. “I started my career by asking my brother to change my oil when I was 16,” said Tracy. “He told me to do it myself. ...more

Meet the Tribe: Amber Hackenberg

This December will mark a big milestone for Amber Hackenberg. She will celebrate her ninth year working with The Ziegenfelder Company. “I’ve done a little bit of everything except work in the freezer,” said Amber, who started first at the Wheeling facility. “Packing, bagging, relief, quality and even rebuild on the ...more

Zieggy Tribe Prepares For Holiday Parade

Members of the Zieggy Tribe at The Ziegenfelder Company's plant in Wheeling, West Virignia are preparing for the Fantasy In Lights Parade by creating a Twin Pop Wonderland float! The float features an igloo made out of recycled jugs from our plant. The flavors that make up the Budget Saver ...more

Meet the Tribe: Breanna Humphries

Free time has been scarce for Breanna Humphries during the last month. Along with achieving her Certified Food Scientist certification from the International Food Science Certification Commission, Breanna, her husband Eli, and their fox terrier Lennox moved. “We just moved to Wheeling a few weeks ago, so lately we’ve been doing ...more

Meet the Tribe: Cindy McGee

Accounting Clerk Cindy McGee explained her favorite part of joining the Zieggy Tribe involves being a member of the finance department’s Seal Team Six. “Seal Team Six, it’s just a nickname that started when the six members of the finance team dressed up in camo to take a picture for last ...more

The Zieggy Tribe Gives Back

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator Following the success of last year’s holiday service project, members of the Zieggy Tribe are opting to help those less fortunate again this year! The service project events will coincide with each plant’s company meeting held at the end of the year. Each location will ...more

Meet the Tribe: P.J. Turner

“The culture really attracted me to The Ziegenfelder Company,” said the newest addition to the Zieggy Tribe’s sales force, P.J. Turner.  He started as the Director of Sales in the beginning of September. “Everyone has been really kind and willing to help take me in as a new tribe member,” said ...more

Meet the Tribe: Mike Orum

Although Mike Orum says he’s been a production analyst at The Ziegenfelder Company for almost four years, the job title required more explanation. Mike explained his responsibilities involve handling the utilization and efficiency numbers for Chino and Wheeling. Plus, he oversees the downtime numbers for Wheeling. “These number let us track ...more

Celebrate the Tribe: Perfect Pops Start with the Perfect Mix

Each perfect pop starts with the perfect mix. The members of our Zieggy Tribe responsible for this very important first step belong to our Quality Assurance department. Food Scientist Breanna Humphries pulled data from the beginning of October to put this job into perspective. In just one week, the Quality Assurance ...more

Meet the Tribe: Tomisluv Caraway

“I would like to recommend Tomislov Caraway from the freezer,” said Eric Milhoan, the Zieggy Tribe’s Supply Chain Manager. “He lives out the Zieggy essentials daily, and has worked as hard as anybody over the last 6 months.” That favorable review of Tomislov comes as the Zieggy Tribe members working in ...more

Preps for Next Summer Underway at the Twin Pop Factory

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator Sunny skies and record-breaking temperatures result in The Ziegenfelder Company’s busiest season: summer! That’s typically the time when many people cool off with a Budget Saver Ice Pop. To meet the increased summer demand for Budget Saver products, our Zieggy Tribe is working around the clock ...more

Meet the Tribe: Jamie Sharp

It’s difficult to count the number of hats worn by Jamie Sharp during her 16 years of working at The Ziegenfelder Company. She described a workplace that showcases coworkers who all pitch in to get the job done. “When I started, there were just two ladies in the front office, an ...more

Zieggy Tribe represented at Project Stand in PA

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator The Zieggy Tribe’s reach extended more than an hour’s drive into Pennsylvania last weekend as Matt Porter spoke at the yearly Project Stand event. Organizers of Project Stand work to unite people from all walks of life who want to prevent and stop addiction in ...more

Zieggy Tribe Appreciation Events Kick Off This Week In Wheeling

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator Employee appreciation events started this week with a Zieggy Tribe gathering at the facility in Wheeling, West Virginia. Volunteers from our tribe coordinated all aspects of the event. The day included great food, fun games, and lots of raffle items.   Members of our Zieggy Tribe from ...more

Meet the Tribe: Jimmy George

Jimmy George, a native Ohio Valley resident quickly proved he’s an adventure seeker. “I have the inspiration to learn to surf before I’m 50,” said Jimmy, “And I’m running out of time. I love the beach. I love the water. I’ve collected sand from beaches all over the world.” Jimmy started travelling ...more

Celebrations Recognize Safety Achievements

Starting next week, celebrations across The Ziegenfelder Company’s three locations will recognize the safety achievements of our Zieggy Tribe. The events will also provide a chance for the company to show appreciation for all employees who work to make people smile with our really cool treats. Organizers plan to have food, ...more

Meet the Tribe: Dawn Garren

Jimmy Garren, the husband of Zieggy Tribe member Dawn Garren, proposed on their first date. The couple married 6 months later and have been together ever since. As die-hard Tennessee Volunteers football fans, they consulted a football schedule before picking a wedding date. “We got married on an away Tennessee football ...more

Film Crew Surprises Zieggy Tribe

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator As Budget Saver Twin Pops came off the line Friday morning, on-duty Zieggy Tribe members in the Wheeling plant got a surprise in the form of a film crew from 100 Days in Appalachia. Their cameras captured video for an upcoming piece featuring The Ziegenfelder ...more

Meet the Tribe: Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson became a member of the Zieggy Tribe about eight years ago. In that time, his career has grown almost in sync with his growing family. “I had my first child about two weeks before starting here,” said Matt. “That gave me the motivation to do well and try to ...more

Ice Pop Swag Shop on the Horizon

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator At The Ziegenfelder Company, we’re constantly working behind the scenes to promote the love of our products, Budget Saver Ice Pops. That includes Budget Saver Twin Pops, Budget Saver Monster Pops, and a couple other really cool treats that help us accomplish our mission of ...more

Meet the Tribe: Patricia Billups

Since The Ziegenfelder Company bought the Denver plant in 2014, Patricia Billups has worked in the freezer. She’s held each position in the department during her three years as a member of the Zieggy Tribe. “I started at the bottom and worked my way up,” said Patricia, who is now the ...more

Monster Pop Raiders for the WIN!

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse This weekend, members of our Zieggy Tribe (who refer to themselves as the Monster Pop Raiders) will hop on a dragon boat and paddle for a good cause. All funds raised from the Dragon Boat Race will go to support services provided by the King’s Daughters Child Care ...more

Meet the Tribe: Huy Vo

Huy Vo’s history with the plant at 400 Yuma Street in Denver, Colorado started long before the Ziegenfelder Company bought the location from the Jackson Ice Cream Company. “I started out with Jackson Ice Cream in the summer of 1995,” said Huy, who worked on and off at the plant until ...more

Budget Saver Rainbow Glasses

Created by Jasmin Fine   This frozen treat from Jasmin Fine is perfect for an end of summer party. Fill these rainbow glasses with your favorite beverage or desert. Then, check out more of Jasmin's awesome recipes at!   Ingredients: Budget Saver Twin Pops Directions:  In a bowl, melt a couple of each color of twin ...more

Meet The Tribe: Beth Crooks

As the sole Payroll and Benefits Specialist, the job done by Beth Crooks impacts every single person employed by the Ziegenfelder Company. Although she works out of the company’s main office in Wheeling, West Virginia, she handles the payroll and benefits responsibilities across all three locations. “When I started, we logged ...more

Safety Comes First In Our Zieggy Tribe

By Scott McHugh, Director of Environmental Health, Safety and Security Here at the Ziegenfelder Company, every member of our Zieggy Tribe is responsible for safety. No matter what is happening on the production line, we all have the responsibility and ability to make sure we are not injured. All of us ...more

Meet the Tribe: Lisa Yurkovitch

When you call the Ziegenfelder Company’s Wheeling location, you are most likely connected to Lisa Yurkovitch. Lisa’s cheerful voice has represented the Zieggy Tribe for more than a year. “I work with such a great group of people,” said Lisa. “The coworkers are my favorite part. Leslie Waechter and Jamie Shultz ...more

Celebrate the Tribe: Give Back

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator The Zieggy Tribe’s dedication to give back will be celebrated again this month in Wheeling, WV as employees participate in a team sport that dates back 2,300 years! On August 26, the Monster Pop Raiders will represent the Ziegenfelder Company during the Wheeling Dragon Boat ...more

Meet The Tribe: James Snyder

As the oldest of three children, life threw James Snyder into a leadership role from as early as he can remember. “It was 1989 when my mom was diagnosed with cancer,” said James. “The doctors gave my mother 6 months to live but she fought. She eventually passed away in 1995 ...more

Preps Underway for Twinsfest

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator Preparations are in high gear at The Ziegenfelder Company to create smiles at the upcoming Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. The three day event is the largest annual gathering of twins and other multiples in the world. And for all of us here at ...more

Meet the Tribe: Donovan Arriaga

Love can blossom when two people least expect it. That’s exactly what happened to Donovan Arriaga, who works at The Ziegenfelder Company plant in Chino, California. Among the sweet smell of ice pop mixes, Donovan met his wife.  “Flor works in the Chino facility as well,” said Donovan. “We were working ...more

Budget Saver Watermelon Pops

Created by Jasmin Fine    The best summer treats are combined into this perfect hot weather recipe. Budget Saver Watermelon Pops look fun and taste even better. Check out more of Jasmin's awesome recipes at!    Ingredients: Budget Saver assorted twin pops Chocolate chips Corn syrup Thick popsicle sticks Cone-shaped paper cups Toothpicks Directions: Place red and green Budget Saver assorted ...more

Meet the Tribe: Felix Sharp

A unique description accompanied Felix Sharp’s Meet The Tribe nomination. “Felix Sharp: jack of all trades and master of some major positive force for Team 2!” wrote Matt Porter, Production Supervisor at The Ziegenfelder Company’s Wheeling plant. This month marked three years that Felix has worked at The Ziegenfelder Company full time. ...more

Celebrate the Tribe: Breaking Records in June

Out of 18 total years working at The Ziegenfelder Company, Jeffrey Battles spent 15 of them in bitterly cold temperatures as a Freezer Tech. “Working in the cold is the hardest part of the job,” said Battles, who is now a team lead. He explained the demand for frozen treats increases ...more

Meet the Tribe: Tonya Newsome

This month will mark the fifth year that Tonya Newsome has worked at the Ziegenfelder Company. “I’ve worked in shipping and receiving since July 23, 2012,” said Tonya. “It’s been a great, and humbling, learning experience.” Tonya said she was first attracted to working at the Ziegenfelder Company because the management was ...more

Meet the Tribe: Aaron Miles

To a stranger, Aaron Miles could be misunderstood due to his quiet nature. He won’t brag about his abilities to play guitar, swing a golf club or positively influence his coworkers at The Ziegenfelder Company’s plant in Wheeling. You’ve got to pry those details out of him.  “Have your priorities in ...more

Budget Saver Stars and Bears for the 4th of July

Created by Jasmin Fine If your kids are heading to the freezer for their favorite Budget Saver Assorted Twin Pops, you may want to pull aside all the Cherry and Blue Raspberry Twin Pops! Jasmine Fine combines the two flavors in this patriotic frozen treat that’s perfect for your 4th of ...more

Meet the Tribe: Laura Wiggins

Laura Wiggins called Rochester, New York home through her entire childhood. Then, she made a major change.  “I followed my sister to Los Angeles, California,” said Laura. “I followed her there with no job. I wanted to pursue a career in human resources. I had just graduated college with a degree ...more

Celebrating Our ENTIRE Zieggy Tribe

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator Members of the Zieggy Tribe are finding themselves in the spotlight with a lot of attention on the hiring practices at The Ziegenfelder Company. This comes after the company’s participation in the 2017 West Virginia Opioid Seminar. At the May conference about the opioid crisis in ...more

Meet the Tribe: Tina Bumgardner

When asked to provide a nomination for Meet the Tribe, Holly Fillipovich, the Director of Finance and Business Operations at The Ziegenfelder Company, immediately offered up Tina Bumgardner. She cited Tina’s willingness to always put her Zieggy Tribe first in accordance with the first Zieggy Essential pillar, ‘THINK Tribe First.’ “When ...more

Budget Saver Starfish Ice Cubes

Created by Jasmin Fine Jasmin Fine offers multiple ways to make Budget Saver Starfish Ice Cubes. This recipe allows you to use Budget Saver Tropic Twin Pops OR Budget Saver Sugar Free Twin Pops. It’s your choice! No matter which Budget Twin Pop Both you choose, these fun frozen treats are definitely ...more

Meet the Tribe: Daisy Lucio

Daisy Lucio came to The Ziegenfelder Company almost a year ago with big dreams. At the company’s plant in Chino, California, Daisy found a place that provided room for her dreams to grow even bigger. “I started in the production room as a line worker,” said Daisy. “I liked working in ...more

Job Ads

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse  Are you interested in a dynamic, fast-paced, growing company? Do you value positive attitudes, teamwork, and work ethic? Those questions possibly found in a job ad are taken to heart at The Ziegenfelder Company. That’s why this is a company committed to changing the lives of those ...more

Meet the Tribe: Wanda Munoz

Employment with The Ziegenfelder Company in October 2014 meant a second chance for Wanda Munoz. She reentered the workforce at the Denver plant after spending 7 years behind bars for a non-violent offense. “My biggest fear was ‘what am I going to do?’ I was so stressed,” said Wanda. “It was almost ...more

Why I Choose To Race For Crittenton Services

By Holly Fillipovich Pause for a second. Picture your young self or a close young female friend who is pregnant and has no support.  She has no family support, no financial support, no emotional support.   Where is this soon to be young mother to go with her unborn baby?  Who will ...more

Meet the Tribe: Doug South

“Gotta have a good time,” explained Doug South as his fellow Zieggy Tribe member tried to look for a video of him doing the dance that shares his name. “They taught me how to do the Dougie and I had it down in one shift.” Doug started at the Ziegenfelder plant ...more

Budget Saver Red, White and Blueberry Pops for Memorial Day

Created by Jasmin Fine   Jasmin Fine is at it again! She's creating more fun recipes. This time Jasmine is using Budget Saver Red White & Berry Blast Pops. Check out more of Jasmin's awesome recipes at! Ingredients: - Red White & Berry Blast Budget Saver popsicles - Blueberries - Strawberries Directions: Slice blueberries in half. Slice thin slivers ...more

Meet the Tribe: Richard Velez

A friend first told Richard Velez about opportunities at the Ziegenfelder Company plant in Chino. That was back in November of 2012. Richard has been a Maintenance Mechanic at the home of the Budget Saver Assorted Twin Pops ever since.  “I checked (Ziegenfelder) out and showed up with my tool bag ...more

Donating in Denver Schools

By James Martinez, Warehouse Operations Supervisor at Ziegenfelder’s Denver Plant Recently, I brought Budget Saver Twin Pops to Green Valley Elementary in Denver for the school’s field day. My wife is a Reading Interventionist there and I donated once before for students who had perfect attendance in their yearly testing. Twin ...more

Meet the Tribe: Moises Ramirez

For Team Leader Moises Ramirez, working at Ziegenfelder truly is a family affair. His mother and brother also work at the plant in Denver. September marks 2 years that Moises has worked alongside his family making Budget Saver products. “Advancement is important,” says Moises, who explained that he likes working at ...more

Sweet Results with Ziegenfelder's First Flavor Contest

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse Two members of the Zieggy Tribe were recognized for submitting top ideas during The Ziegenfelder Company’s first Employee Flavor Contest. Jose Maas, a Specialized Equipment Engineer, and Dustin Ray, an operator, each received a $100 gift card for their ideas as they made it to phase two ...more

Meet the Tribe: Shelby Nash

Doing a job and being asked to do a job in a completely different location to train others can require a different set of skills. Coworkers say they nominated Shelby Nash for Meet the Tribe because she possesses skill sets that will allow her to do her job anywhere helping ...more

How does it feel when a friend lends you a helping hand?

By Lisa Allen, President of The Ziegenfelder Company We often don’t realize our need for help until someone offers assistance. It could be a friend or stranger.  Replying, “No thanks,” and thinking you can handle it on your own is NOT the noble response. “Thank you” serves both of you while ...more

Meet the Tribe: Raymond Becerra

Raymond Becerra described what he felt when he first started working at the Ziegenfelder Company’s plant in Chino 5 years ago. “It was a different type of work I was not used to,” said Raymond who is now a team leader. Vice President of Ziegenfelder, Barry Allen took notice of Raymond ...more

A Ziegenfelder First

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator The Ziegenfelder Company hit a major milestone last week. The company completed its first major production shoot related to a full marketing campaign. The six digital commercials shot over just two days are set to start releasing in mid-May. The campaign centers around the idea that ...more

Meet the Tribe: Daniel Kaplow

In roughly one month, Daniel Kaplow will celebrate his one year anniversary working at The Ziegenfelder Company’s Denver plant as Production Supervisor.   “If I could change anything about the job, I would change the location,” said Daniel, “So it’s closer to my house.” Daniel explained that he came to Ziegenfelder ...more

Budget Saver Neon Sunshine Monster Pops

Created by Jasmin Fine Check out more of Jasmin's awesome recipes at!   Ingredients: Monster Pops by Budget Saver in Cherry Pineapple & Lemon Lime Firm mango  Directions: Slice mango into slim slices. Use a mini sun cookie cutter to cut out shapes from mango slices. Unwrap Budget Saver monster pops and place on a parchment-lined plate. ...more

Meet the Tribe: Christopher Zoc

When asked if Christopher Zoc has any advice for someone beginning their career at The Ziegenfelder Company, he said, “Learn to keep up with the pace and learn to have a lot of patience." Chris started as a packer and bagger at the company’s Wheeling facility roughly two years ago. The ...more

Safety First at Ziegenfelder

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator Someone casually walking around a Ziegenfelder plant will miss key details that keep everyone safe at the home of the Budget Saver Twin Pop. I definitely missed these features on my first couple of walk-arounds during my initial weeks on the job. I relied on Jamie ...more

Meet the Tribe: Isha Nelson

Talk to Isha Nelson for just a few minutes and you’ll quickly understand why her Zieggy Tribe nominated her for recognition.  “You can’t do it by yourself,” said Isha, a Quality Assurance Supervisor. August will mark two years that Isha has worked at the Ziegenfelder plant located in Chino, California. CEO Lisa ...more

Every Season is Budget Saver TWIN POP Season!

By Kelly Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator Summer is just around the corner so you know what that means. Kids are almost free from the confines of a classroom, the temperatures are starting to rise and entire families are spending as much time as possible outside. This time of year also carries a common ...more

Sweet Starts at Ziegenfelder

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator Today marks the end of my first week on the job at Ziegenfelders. And WOW! What a sweet start! I never imagined I'd be working at the Home of the Twin Pops. Now, I can't imagine myself anywhere else. My first day marketing the Twin Pops ...more

Wheeling Employees pack meals during Holiday breakfast

Project is part of ‘weServeEats’ effort to feed kids in Liberia        WHEELING, W.Va. – There was plenty of food at the Ziegenfelder Company’s annual Christmas breakfast, but most of it was not served during the Dec. 5 event at Wheeling Island Race Track.        Ziegenfelder employees participated in a charity function with weServeEats, ...more

Patricia Billups wins RefrigiWear Warehousemen of the Year

  DENVER, Colo. – Ziegenfelder Company employee Patricia Billups recently was honored as a winner of the Warehousemen of the Year Award.        Billups, who is part of the team at Ziegenfelder’s Denver plant, received the recognition from RefrigiWear, Inc., which presents the Warehousemen of the Year Award to nominees based upon ...more

Operation Homefront 2016

A message from our National Sales Manager - Jay McSpadden     This past week I had the privilege of presenting a check for $24,515.00 to Operation Homefront in San Antonio, Texas. Brad Allen and Lori Stephens also represented our great little company, and it was truly a great event.    As a ...more

Budget Saver Assorted Twin Pops will be sold at Meijer stores

A Cool Deal      WHEELING, W.Va. – The Ziegenfelder Company announced that its signature product, the Budget Saver Assorted Twin Pops frozen treats, will be available at Meijer Inc. stores this month.        “This is an exciting development and we appreciate the opportunity to partner with Meijer, which has such a great ...more

Ingredients for Slushy Popsicle Margarita

Receipe created by Jasmin Fine.  Check out Jasmin's full post and more awesome receipes at! 1 oz. Tequila (2 1/2T) ½ oz. Triple Sec (1 1/2 T) 2 Budget Saver popsicles in lemon-lime, plus more for garnish 2 Coronita 7 oz. beers 1 cup ice   Green sprinkles or salt 2 Margarita glasses Corn Syrup   Yield: 2   To begin making your slushy ...more

A little piece of Heaven

A Guilty Pleasure by Mona Cristo Living in Florida summertime doesn’t come seasonally… We practically have it 10 out of the 12 months in the whole year. There’s mostly a need to want to find a way to refresh yourself in the humidity and heat. Especially with cold treats because they’ll ...more

Lisa's participating in the Ohio Valley Community Fitness Challenge!

Bridging the gap to community wellness, personal fitness Ohio Valley business executives to embark on three-month fitness, nutrition program to inspire others   As Mother Teresa once said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Leveraging one’s own personal commitment to positively ...more

Ziegenfelder’s Twin Pops Are Tops

Steve Novotney November 22, 2015  She knew what Daddy did but seldom was offered a taste of what he did. That’s because, if Lisa Allen, her older sister, Karen, younger sister Tobie, or younger brothers Pete, and Ed, wanted some Ziegenfelder’s ice cream or popsicles, they had to go to the store and ...more

Sikora Montessori Students Collect Bottled Water to Help Children In Flint, MI

By D.K. Wright, Digital Journalis WHEELING - The students at Sikora Montessori in Elm Grove were collecting bottled water to send to children in Flint, Michigan.    It all started when Maddie Kirchner's mom came up with the idea of collecting bottled water. "She wanted to help people," said little Maddie. "She came to us, bringing awareness to us ...more

Newly Redesigned Budget Saver Monster Pops

Check out our newly desgined Monster Pops bags. Same great Monster Pops, in a new fun and exciting package!

Lisa's interview with Dave Mastovich

FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE WITH A TWIN POP AND SOME NO BS MARKETING Nov 4, 2015 by Dave Mastovich Have you ever enjoyed a Twin Pop? Those tasty treats found at places like Walmart and Giant Eagle are produced by The Ziegenfelder Company headquartered in Wheeling, West Virginia. I had the chance to ...more

Operation Homefront 2015

Jay McSpadden and Brad Allen visited with Operation Homefront in Baltimore, MD Monday to donate proceeds from this years Red, White and Berry blast sales. This year we were able to donate over $28,000 to Operation Homefront with your help from purchasing the Red, White and Berry blast pops. A ...more

Smile Story from Christine

Message from Christine received 8/25/15 6:00 PM "I would just like to take this opportunity to let you know what a fantastic product you are selling. I came across your product by not wanting to pay $3.79 for Popsicle brand. I then saw your package on the shelf and decided for ...more

Lisa's going over the Edge!

Our CEO is going over the edge again this year! Lisa is rappelling from the Stone Center in Wheeling to support the YWCA. Please visit her page here and donate to help hundred of families, women and children in need.   For the last 33 years, the Wheeling YWCA has offered support ...more