A Ziegenfelder First

Posted: April 28, 2017, 12:19PM

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator

The Ziegenfelder Company hit a major milestone last week. The company completed its first major production shoot related to a full marketing campaign. The six digital commercials shot over just two days are set to start releasing in mid-May.

The campaign centers around the idea that moms turn to Budget Saver Twin Pops to make every situation a sweet MOMent. MOMent is short for a “Mom-Moment," or any stressful situation that Moms can quickly resolve with Budget Saver Twin Pops.

The first commercial called ‘Bad Little Chefs' will be released on various digital platforms starting May 13. The rest of the commercials will roll out online through the end of July. It’s just one part of a bigger plan to create awareness about Budget Saver Twin Pops.

The company chose to turn to digital advertising as a way to stay true to its goal to nurture the Zieggy Economy. The campaign is designed to share information about the quality of our Budget Saver Twin Pops without increasing costs for our customers.

Be sure to stop by ziegenfelder.com to find out about how you can share your sweet MOMent with us starting in May. We want to see the ways people are smiling with our really cool treats.


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