Meet the Tribe: Moises Ramirez

Posted: May 15, 2017, 6:04PM

For Team Leader Moises Ramirez, working at Ziegenfelder truly is a family affair. His mother and brother also work at the plant in Denver. September marks 2 years that Moises has worked alongside his family making Budget Saver products.

“Advancement is important,” says Moises, who explained that he likes working at Ziegenfelder because of the opportunities to advance forward. “Don’t want to say somewhere that stays the same.”

As a team lead, Moises is tasked with training fellow member of the Zieggy Tribe. He said right now, he has three experienced members on his crew. With that solid base, he’s working to build a more stable crew.

“The more people that know more, the better!” says Moises. “The key to success is being patient with people.  You’re training people on the daily. You need patience and you need to find ways to keep them motivated.”

Moises is motivated to be a good role model to his three neices and one nephew. They range in ages from 6 to 13. Often, Moises surprises them with their favorite Budget Saver treats, the Cherry Mango Monster Pops.  



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