Meet the Tribe: Shelby Nash

Posted: May 8, 2017, 4:20PM

Doing a job and being asked to do a job in a completely different location to train others can require a different set of skills. Coworkers say they nominated Shelby Nash for Meet the Tribe because she possesses skill sets that will allow her to do her job anywhere helping anyone she meets.

“Right now, I’m kind of a relief and operator-in-training and trainer,” said Shelby. She started working an entry-level position at the Ziegenfelder plant in Wheeling during a rough time in her life. Shelby said her Zieggy Tribe helped her move forward.

“My best friend had just passed away a couple weeks earlier. When I started I didn’t think I was going to be there long because I never kept a job very long at all,” said Shelby, “But I found there was a lot of great people. They helped me push through my depression and made me want to stay… very understanding and very helpful.”

Shelby has paid it forward since then by helping other members of the Zieggy Tribe through training. Supervisors requested Shelby when looking to start a new production line at the Denver facility. She travelled to that plant to train others.

“The best part about working here is that I get to train new people. You get to see them grow. I get to build that view for them just like someone did for me,” said Shelby, who is currently expecting her first child. She has practice with children thanks to her nieces and nephews.

“My neices and nephew come from Alabama,” said Shelby, “So my time outside is spent with them at least until they go back.”

When asked about the hardest part of the job, Shelby explained that it’s when “someone just gives up without trying because Zigs is a great place to work.”


Santana Nash May 8, 2017, 4:47PM

My sister Shelby Nash is a great woman and a even more great aunt to my children. She is a hard worker all the time non stop she is going to be a execelent mother as well and she does a great job at what she does at the Popsicle factory I love you Shelby keep up the great work.    Reply

Lisa Allen May 10, 2017, 8:17AM

Great story Shelby! Santana, it's wonderful to see love and support from family. We'll take good care of Shelby for sure. She's pretty strong on her own too!
Thanks for pushing through and being a real spark for our tribe.    Reply

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