Wheeling's POP Stars!--May 2019

Posted: July 8, 2019, 3:53PM

Chet Crooks, Logistics

Chet Crooks, Logistics

Chet is an amazing asset to the Logistics department! His supervisor said he can count on him at all times to do any extra task to help out, even when he is not asked to do so.  
















Rob Clemmons, Afternoon Shift

Rob Clemmons, Afternoon Shift

Rob is recognized for being a popstar in his new role as Assistant Team Leader for the afternoon shift. He is shining as a leader by continuously encouraging his team and challenging them on a daily basis.















John Terry, Day Shift

John Terry, Day Shift

Recognized for ensuring PPE is worn correctly at all times for ALL employees in the plant. John recently corrected one of our directors for her hair not being fully in hair net.














Adam Eureka (declined to have picture taken)

Maintenance – Midnight shift

Adam was recognized for being an extremely reliable member of the maintenance tribe. He is willing to train any employee and is extremely helpful to the entire tribe be responding to calls ASAP.



William Toth Jr. July 18, 2019, 10:21PM

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