Zieggy Tribe Appreciation Events Kick Off This Week In Wheeling

Posted: September 28, 2017, 12:01PM

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator

Employee appreciation events started this week with a Zieggy Tribe gathering at the facility in Wheeling, West Virginia. Volunteers from our tribe coordinated all aspects of the event. The day included great food, fun games, and lots of raffle items.


Members of our Zieggy Tribe from each department had an opportunity to enjoy everyone’s company.



Corn Hole competitors showed off their skills. 








A dunk tank offered each participant a refreshing treat from the heat.








Anyone who attended the Employee Appreciation Event got three raffle tickets. They could choose the items they wanted to win and put their tickets in the corresponding box.


Each member of the Zieggy Tribe gets one of these awesome shirts. The shirts commemorate the recent safety achievements of the entire Zieggy Tribe.




Food options included grilled and breaded chicken tenders, several pasta dishes, green beans and much more.



An employee appreciation event in Chino is scheduled for Monday, October 2. Denver’s event will take place on Thursday, October 19. A big thank you to all members of our Zieggy Tribe who helped organize these appreciation events across our three locations.



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