Zieggy Tribe Career Opportunities Now On Purse Power

Posted: May 15, 2019, 6:38PM

The Ziegenfelder Company is partnering with Purse Power to share details about employment opportunities within the Zieggy Tribe.

Purse Power is a business directory that highlights women-led or women-owned companies. The directory helps consumers find and possibly buy from companies that fall within certain criteria. To qualify, companies must be at least 50% women-owned, have at least 20% women on their board, or have a female CEO. The Ziegenfelder Company became a member of the Purse Power directory in November 2017.

To find The Ziegenfelder Company’s listing on Purse Power and see a list of employment opportunities available within the Zieggy Tribe, follow these steps:



  • Go to PursePower.com.
  • Search for “The Ziegenfelder Company” in the directory.
  • Click “View Listing.”
  • Head to the job posts on the Purse Power site.


You can also find career information on our website. CLICK HERE to see a list of current job opportunities with The Ziegenfelder Company.

To immediately submit an application, CLICK HERE.



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