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Warehouse Supervisor

Category: Entry Level Professionals

Wage Rate: $45,000-$60,000

Is Full Time: Yes





Based in Wheeling, WV, the Ziegenfelder Company is a private, family owned frozen novelty manufacturer that focuses solely on producing the highest quality frozen ice novelties, commonly referred to as twin pops. We are the largest manufacturer of twin pops in the country with production facilities in Wheeling, WV; Chino, CA; and Denver, CO.

The Ziegenfelder Company has averaged solid double-digit growth for the past 15 years while growing our tribe from 60 employees in one facility with three production lines to over 300 employees across three facilities and 10 production lines. Core to our success has always been making the highest quality, best tasting products in the market and selling them to valued customers at the best possible price. The Ziegenfelder Company owns and produces the brand Budget Saver, as well as, licensed and private labeled products for premiere retailers, such as Albertsons, Dollar General, Kroger, and Walmart. 24/7 operations in our three facilities, generates over 2.2 million pops per day.

Ziegenfelder’s growth and success is clearly due to our dedicated tribe. We value integrity, creativity and innovation, and are committed to positively impacting our workforce and the communities in which we live and work.


Growing together, revolutionizing our company and bringing smiles to every home in America.


Making people smile with really cool treats!


Growing Better Together


Think Tribe First

Win by Always doing the Right Thing

Inspire Each Other

Nurture our Zieggy Economy

Serve Others


  • A Ziegenfelder Warehouse Supervisor is responsible for:
  • Supervise all inbound and outbound process; ensuring all inventory shipments are received
  • Supervising, train and evaluate all Freezers Leads, Freezer technicians and other employees assigned to the warehouse.
  • Supervise the warehouse operations, material movement and personnel.
  • Maintaining adequate inventory, scheduling and receiving shipments of raw materials.
  • Supervise warehousing of both raw and finished goods.
  • Responding to any significant changes in supply chain or demand and solving issues that may arise.
  • Maintain correct inventory records utilizing computer software program.
  • Ensure all documentation up to and including SQF and carrier equipment report is accurate and completed timely.
  • Coordinate with Operations Manager to ensure adequate staffing and supplies daily.
  • Hold and Release/Quality inventory management- Ensures all policies and procedure are upheld in regard to product on hold & ensures no hold product ships
  • Communicate and work towards any department set goals and KPI’s.
  • Develop and maintain good relationships with all departments of the facility.


Leaders at all levels and in all roles at Ziegenfelder strive to demonstrate leadership competencies. As Warehouse Supervisor, you will demonstrate:

Integrity: Is direct and truthful, is ethical in making decisions and speaks candidly about tough issues. Is open-minded and listens to tribe members at all levels. Is widely trusted by others and keeps confidences.

Self-awareness: Has an accurate picture of strengths and weaknesses and is willing to improve.

Accountability: Seeks to take responsibility before placing blame. Able to react when unexpected problems arise, and proactive in developing plans to prevent problems from reoccurring. Admits mistakes, owns failures and commits to deliver expectations and responsibilities.

Credibility: Makes decisions and problem solves based on regulations, facts, data and science. Clearly understands and communicates performance standards and expectations to others and is willing to hold self and others accountable to performance standards.

Commitment: Contributes maximum effort to support company initiatives and is tenacious when problem solving for the good of the tribe and organization. Willing to go above and beyond to support success for others and the company.

Teamwork: Focuses others’ energy on common goals, priorities and problems. Seeks common ground in an effort to resolve conflicts. Works harmoniously with colleagues and departments.

Initiative: Works to identify and seize opportunities when they arise. Demonstrates initiative and is motivated to drive improvement. Skilled at original thought when evaluating problems and developing action plans. Able to consult with peers and third parties when additional expertise may be needed.

Values and gives feedback: Seeks out, responds to, shares, and uses feedback.


  • High School diploma or equivalent level of experience.
  • 3+ experience in a supervisory or management role required, preferably in food/manufacturing environment.
  • 5+ years of warehouse experience preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability to operate electric powered forklifts and electric powered pallet jacks is a plus.
  • Must be available to work afternoon or night shift to include weekends and holidays. Flexibility across all shifts is a plus.
  • Demonstrated ability to read, write and speak English.


  • Possesses visual acuity to safely operate forklifts and pallet jacks.
  • May need to exert up to 50 lbs. of force occasionally, up to 30 lbs. of force frequently, and up to 10 lbs. of force constantly.
  • May need to climb, balance, stoop, crouch, reach, stand, push, and pull frequently during a shift.


  • Subject to cold temperatures of less than 32F for more than one hour with proper protection equipment.
  • May be subject to noise above 85 decibels with proper protection equipment.