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Building and Facilities Lead

Category: Experienced Professionals

Is Full Time: Yes




The Ziegenfelder Building and Facilities Lead role is responsible for:
· Create facility related work orders. Field submitted requests to ensure the work scope priority, safety and resources are clearly described. Direct work order request to plant Director and engineering director and/or Maintenance Director for approval.
· Provide feedback to those who submit work order request if a request is denied and why.
· Organizing equipment rebuilds and new equipment installation. Ensuring all needs parts are present and that projects are completed on schedule, scope, budget and within EHS/FS demands.
· Work with Maintenance Manager to identify capacity deficiencies in inventory, personnel, and machinery.
· Maintain Storeroom, inventory, organization, and cleanliness.
· Manage Storeroom inventory control system.
· Source and purchase materials necessary for operations to ensure the timely delivery of parts and equipment with necessary materials required to complete work orders.
· Review orders made by a purchasing clerk to ensure the priority is realistic and provide practical lead time, cost and for accuracy with required approvals and authorization.
· Identify the sequence of steps required to fulfill each work order, the number of mechanics and required labor hours for each step. Identify special tools and/or equipment needed that may be needed.
· Coordinate, and initiate proposals if needed from outside contractors for all facility required maintenance and repairs
· Prepare all needed outside housekeeping including seasonal needs (snow and ice removal, grass and weed controls to maintain a safe and healthy environment plant wide.
· Work closely with the fabrication shop to maintain an inventory and schedule for rebuilds throughout all company facilities.
· Coordinate and plan outside contractors when needed to support the completion of work orders or other work as needed to support operations.
· Ensure the business partner risk management policy is followed including prequalification for new venders; pre-work meetings are held to prevent failures; and, who’s on locations is used for onboarding and personnel accountability.
· Ensure ample stock of facility consumables, including paper towels, soap for handwashing, floor washing and equipment, etc.
· Review and update backlogged work orders awaiting scheduling and unplanned work orders, as necessary.
· Estimate cost for each work order in terms of labor, materials required and total cost.
· Reading and interpreting equipment manuals and work orders to perform required maintenance and service.
· Complying with OSHA Safety and Health rules
· Complete other responsibilities as requested by management.
· High school diploma required and or equivalent experience.
· 3-5 years of Facility and Building maintenance experience.
· Experience with storeroom inventory and parts ordering
· Ability to prioritize work based on changing and challenging deadlines.
Organizational skills a must
Ability to instill a positive team environment. Must be able to communicate comfortably with the maintenance and production associates as well as members of the executive team.
Ability to respond effectively to changing demands.
Ability to diagnose situations and make good judgments in a timely manner.
· Data-entry related experience highly preferred
· Excellent organizational, detail-oriented and communication skills
· Standing up to 8 hours per day.
· Moving and lifting objects weighing up to 50 lbs. regularly.
· Bending, twisting, reaching and grasping actions.
· Good spatial awareness working around manufacturing equipment.
· Subject to cold temperatures of less than 32F for more than one hour with proper protection equipment.
· May be subject to noise above 85 decibels with proper protection equipment.
Working Conditions
· May be subject to noise above 85 decibels with proper protection equipment.
· May be subject to cold temperatures of less than 32F with proper protective equipment.